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In the spirit of,  “Randonneur”Randonneuring is not a competitive sport. It is a test of endurance, self-sufficiency and bicycle touring skills. All riders who complete the task are congratulated, and no prizes are given to those with the fastest times. Riders are expected to carry clothing for inclement weather, spare parts and tools.” – Wikipedia

Sounds about right… The above quote neatly defines my day-to-day existence despite the fact that I have never done a Rando event in my life!.

I work full-time as a Cycle Instructor in London, delivering Bikeability training to adults and school children and have been riding in the city daily since 1981. That’s about 6000 miles a year, laden with tools and spares and it’s all in London. Helping others to ride, in any form, is one of the best things I can do for them and for the city in general.

Riding a bike in London is a real joy…. mostly. No mode of transport is perfect but riding is the nearest thing to it we have for most trips under 5 miles… or much further if you so wish  😉

Massed utility cycling has the potential to dramatically improve our urban environment and should be encouraged at every level.

Anyone who rides all the time develops an eye for a decent cafe’ with easy bike parking. Use the postcode tags on the right to locate eateries with bike parking in your area or just look under pie shops.

I’m sure that most people don’t approach riding as, “test of endurance” but not everyone is like me. Some ride more and some less, many are faster… it’s ALL good.

Londonneur is for anyone who rides a bike and anyone who would like to.