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The world of cycling is suffused with stats. The need to be accurate and root out any bias is paramount. But sometimes it is so much easier than that.

Recent surveys confirm that many people who drive (let’s call it 30% ish… now that’s accurate!) do not think people on bikes should be in the road because of something to do with not paying “Road Tax” or some such tosh… sigh. There is an excellent writeup of the survey on BikeHub.

Here’s another good stat:

No matter how it’s measured, slightly below 50% of people are of below average intelligence (a proven fact!) so it follows logically that the 30% mentioned above are the thick end of a wedge of idiots.

Revenue raised from drivers doesn’t even meet the wider cost to society. Effectively, when you ride your bike YOU are the one subsidising someone in their car! There is a great post on this courtesy of The Cycling Silk.