Come for a visit… to New Southgate

On March 25th at 10AM I will be outside New Southgate train station ready to take part in Barnet’s Great Divide Ride. I know why I will be there but I wonder what I can say on this blog to encourage someone from further afield to make the short trip up to New Southgate to support us.

I keep coming back to Henlys Corner…  In both senses.

My twice daily commute keeps it under my wheels and in my mind. This is what you get when a local council, Barnet in this case, leaves cycling up to TFL who in turn leave it up to Barnet. Result… utter failure. The point is that, despite the rhetoric from City Hall, the needs of the many cyclists using this junction have just been ignored during a multi million pound “state of the art” redesign.

The wonderfull @veloevol and I felt strongly enough to make a short film.

One major issue has been the diffused responsibility for the final design, with TFL and Barnet having control over different parts and often at loggerheads. The one thing they seem to agree on is the importance of “Traffic Flow” above all else… It was never going to be a win for cycling.

Without wishing to politicize to too much, it must be said that the current leadership of Tfl have publicly stated their position on traffic flow. This is what you get with them unless there is a sea change.

And that is exactly why I am hoping that as many of you as possible will make the trip up here on the 25th of this month…  😉

Tfl’s traffic flow agenda is in alignment with the policy Barnet has been pursuing for years. The removal of traffic calming during regular road works is stated policy up here. Recent proposals include  review, with an eye to removal, of all the light controlled pedestrian crossings in the borough.

Do you want to see this kind of thing on the TFL roads in your borough?

Join us on the 25th in sending a message to TFL and local councils that they need to work TOGETHER to deliver quality provision for the ever growing demand for cycling. The pavement is not a solution!

The ride finishes at the secret park at the center of Staples Corner… I like the sound of that.  See you there.



6 responses to “Come for a visit… to New Southgate

  1. The postcode given at the end of the video is not right. NW7 2BD refers to Wise Lane, Mill Hill. Please check and correct. Keep up the good work!

  2. Very good film illustrated very real problems with design of British roads. The most successful approach can be seen just a short distance away across the North Sea. Barnet, London, Britain as a whole could take note, but those who won’t look won’t ever see it.

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  4. The text definitely says outside New Southgate train station – I’ve checked about four times now – but the map says Henlys Corner. I should have known better to trust the map. Hope it was a good day.

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